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Homophobia On The Rise

It may just be me however I doubt it, not only in the face of the recent rash of suicides related to gay bulling, but also the increasing rash of homophobic attacks across this country (and around the world) that homophobia is on the rise one more.  It seems that despite what the public opinion polls and surveys show in the ways of increasing support and acceptance for LGBT people, that in reality the world is becoming a more risky and dangerous place for those of us that live our lives openly.

The rash of bashing and attacks seems to point towards in increasing anti gay sentiment and an increasing feeling among those that cary it that violence is not only acceptable but that it is the solution to.   It probably should be no surprise since the religious right has continued to expediently ratchet up the anti gay propaganda and continues to paint those who are not straight and who also support gay rights as out to get "the normal" people, pair that with the increasingly violent rhetoric of the far right recently and it should be no wonder that those who listen to and beaver such false messages are turning to violence to show their down right hatred of those that they fell are less then full people.  Nor should this be a surprise from the same groups of people who all have the blood of the youths that have all killed them selves on their hands for their stance that to stop anti gay bulling (and bulling by extension) is to interfere with their god given rights to harass those that they see as inferior to the point of killing them selves it is not that far a step to actually trying to take the control and do it your self.  Yet it seems that the efforts to stop it at best do very little to nothing at all and at worse only make the situation worse.

It is ever harder to tell if this is a combination of the dying berths of homophobia and that as it enters into its death throws it once again becomes more violent as it becomes ever more clear that the majority of people think that homophobia is wrong, or if it is the ratcheting up of fear mongering thinly veiled calls to violence by the same far right religiously controlled political machine that in the past more delicately veiled it's threats.  Yet another option is that it could be a combination of both, that as one enters its death throws it has partly dragged the other along as the other starts to become more violent in its rhetoric, creating the perfect storm of destruction for those unlucky enough to fine them selves in its path. 

Unfortunately for those caught in it's destructive path this distribution is not merely limited to reversible political games and hurdles it is the violence and mental torcher that can kill or leave its victims scared for life, something that the perpetrators are hoping for as they can and then do turn around and use the arguments that the scars that they have caused are merely the result of being what they oppose, and then deny that they are the ones causing the scars when even a blind man can see their stuffed up knuckles covered in the blood of their victims.    At this point the only way to possibly brake the cycle it seems is to not only hold a mirror up to them but to force them to look in the mirror whether it is threw legislation such as ENDA and the repeal of DADT or threw anti bulling legislation and throwing the book at them for their digressions against their fellow citizens.  We need to make it clear that they are the ones with the blooded hands and that they are not the victims of others but of their own doing and that they are alone because the rest of the country and the rest of the world is quickly leaving them behind and will no longer tolerate their aberrant behavior and their destructive speech with out calling it out for what it is, logical and morally bankrupt.


  1. While I do feel that the religious right has ratcheted up their hatred of all things lgbt, and that does account for a bit of the recent attacks, I think its totally something else at work. For the first time ever really, lgbt issues are reported on in greater and greater numbers, and with this higher reportage rate, comes increased awareness of the attacks, of the bullying and sadly of the suicides. Before all of these happened, and most likely in great numbers, but because our issues were not allowed on the air, or in print only word of mouth let us know that the beating of a person was really a hate crime, or when someone's house burnt down, it was torched because they were gay........

    so in some respects its a good thing we are in the news, because now people can see just what a lot of lgbt have to go thru on any given day, and worse because for us, it seems as though we are under constant attack.

    but thats just my two cents on it!

  2. I think you have a good point there and one that never crossed my mind.


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