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Now Is when Opposing Anti Bulling = Murder!!

This is the answer that we need to give clearly and loudly to the right wing christian fundamentalist at Focus On The Family!   Now in the face of the tragic wave of suicides during September of young teens gay/suspected to be gay teens being bullied to death, it can not be clear that option to Anti Bulling programs and legislation for this nations schools is the same as pulling the trigger and killing our own children, the very people who are supposed to be the future of our country!  They are the ones accusing others of politicising this issue and making it a gay issue,  when it is them that are politicising the issue and painting it as a "gay" issue instead of what it really is, a human issue and issue of life in death of doing what is necessary to help and save the lives of the children of this country.  How many more children must die, must kill them selves because of the bulling that they are being put threw for simply being different, before we stand up and say enough is enough!

This is not simply a gay issue it is a human issues,
 it is an issue that effects students regardless of their sexual orientation and that is increasingly leading to them being pushed off of the cliff into taking their own lives to make it stop, as those around them that have the ability to do so, the schools the teachers the other school staff, stand by and don't do anything out of fear or worse stand by in silent approval of what these kids are being put threw.   This is an issue that has to be faced before it takes the life of another promising young person, before another parent has to barre their childed, something that no parent should ever have to do. 

We need to stop tolerating bulling, it is not OK and we need to stomp it out where we see it! If that means intervening then intervene, if that means putting pressure on schools and school districts, on elected officials both locally and federally then that is what needs to be done.  For those with kids if that means taking an active roll in the schools PTA, in getting school administrators involved in the problem, even harassing them into action then that is what we need to do.   We also need to create an environment where differences are not seen as weakness as something to be picked out and taunted but as a valuable part of the human fabric of life, we also need to teach our young people how to stand up for them selves, and to stand up to those that tire to put them down.  We need to provide them with the support needed so that death never seems like the only way, so that they can find an sympathetic ear to talk to, and a place to find the inner-straight that dwells with in us all.  We also need to make it so that those who do bully our children into killing them selves are held responsible for what they have done, as we need to send a clear message that such behavior is not going to be tolerated any more and that like stabbing or pulling a trigger on a gun it is just as socially destructive and just as morally reprehensible and wrong.

We need to do this now, this is as urgent an issue as guns and knives in school as bulling is the under estimated weapon, its the weapon of mental and sometimes physical torcher, its not enough to kill in one foul swoop, but like poison accumulate the right dose and it has the same deadly effects.  We can't wait for things to get better we have to act to make them better!


  1. What needs to happen is to hold the people in charge of the schools responsible for bullying. If the principle and the superintendent was charged with accessory to murder after a child killed themselves due to bullying, the blind eye towards bullying would end.

    And gym teachers/coaches need to be jailed for allowing bullying to happen under their watch as well. One of my sons was really not the athletic sort, and he didn't stop the other boys from being mean to him. It escalated to the point where he was actually beaten up in the shower room. For some unknown reason, it was our son who was suspended, not the kid who broke our sons nose. When the school refused to do anything, we called the police, who were going to press charges. Which caused our kids school life to get much worse, because the kid in trouble was a popular kid. Not one single person agreed with us! So as you can see, we have a really long way to go to stamp out bullying. And to my mind the only way to do that is to start at the top!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, I hated school because of being bullied, and the fact that for the most part no one did a damn thing about it. I was so glad when I finally got out of that living hell. I remember in HS mom having to arrange her work hours and me wait for her to pick me up after school (and drop me off before) until I got my license and could drive my self, because I had a kid that rode my bus harassing me to the point I could not take it, and against my wishes my parents took out a restraining order on the kid. (unfortunately that did not make things better, as he was populer and I was not.)


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