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To Man bag Or Not, Your Input Needed

So I have been toying with the idea of getting some sort of "man bag" more in the lines of a messenger bag to carry all my stuff in, as I always seem to not have the items I need/want when I need/want them as inevitably they are ether siting at home because they would not fit in my pockets or in the car because they would not fit in my pockets and are thus not available.  Not to mention that my pockets have a tendency to get over stuffed with out even having the things that I need and want all being there. 

How ever I can't decide if a man bag messenger bag is to gay or not, I know strange coming from a guy who routinely wears necklaces and rings.  How ever it dose nag at me the thought that such a thing might be to gay.  How ever it would be convenient especially not to have to constantly sit on my wallet and all the bulk that is associated with it and the cards in it (license insurance, debit, credit, rewards etc) as well as to not constantly have my keys jabbing into my leg from my over stuffed key pocket. (that and ripping holes in my pockets) I have recently been toying with the idea of possibly picking up and using one of these two Dodge messenger bags, or but am not sure if the idea is any good, and I don't know any one that I can ask the idea of.  As it is my friend keeps telling me she things that I should get a man bag and that all men should have a man bag instead of just stuffing things in their pockets.

So what do you guys think, is it a good idea?  Should I take the leap, and should I pick up one of those two bags?  Thank you for your feedback it is much apretaited!


  1. All i can say about messenger bags is that many str8 guys carry them. My son used one until it literally fell apart.

    I would vote on the side of getting one. If your really have that much stuff to carry around go for it. The trick is to loop it over your chest, and carry it around your hip. Don't wear it on your shoulder cause that reads purse!

  2. Thank you for the feed back! :-) I have noticed lots of guys with messenger bags, and yeah the over the chest is the normal way that they tend to be worn. Yeah I have lots of crap that it wold be nice to have handy, plus my phone and keys are hard to fit in my pockets and get out, especially when I waer pants that fit and are not way to baggy.


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