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Out Of The Hospital.

I know that many of you, have been scared by my posts lately, and to be perfectly honest so was I as they where raw expressions of how I felt and exactly what I was thinking when I wrote them, even a little held back and restrained if that is possible.  I also know that my sudden disappearance from not only my blog but all my web profiles might have scared you too.  For that I would like to apologize, but also tell you that it was because I was in a place where I would be safe and where I could get some help and get pointed once again in the right direction with a path out of the darkness along with a light at the end of the long tunnel to strive to reach.  I will probably blog on this who episode and experience in much more depth tomorrow and in the upcoming days, and explain much more clearly and precisely exactly what happened. but for now I will tell you that (and I have no shame in saying it, as at times every one gets in over their head and needs help out) I had/have been in the hospital (for the first time in my life) since early tuesday morning, when I (with my family's guidance, determination and support) I had checked my self into the mental heath unit.

It not only allowed me a safe place, one in which I could not harm my self and in which by taking away the means, and providing me support I was drawn out of the place where I would want to do so.  It also provided me with the support and guidance and actions that I needed to once again pick my self up and get heading in the right direction to not only help me out of this depression but to also put me on a path to managing my underlying condition (bipolar disorder) so that I can live the balanced, productive, well adjusted happy life that I have always sought to be able to live. I am now equipped with some new coping skill, a plan on how to take control over my illness and the professionals that I will need to be able to do so.  And as I have said early in the days to come will be a more in depth post about exactly what happened.  This topic and the efforts to get my illness under control will probably continue to pop in future post as well.


  1. Whew! Im so happy that you took the time to care for yourself. You are very right, i have been very worried about you lately, and am beyond words happy to hear that you are back on the path to health again. It takes a brave person to realize they need someone's help to get them well again. Yay you!!!

    Hugs and smiles!


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