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Start The Journey


Life is something that one truly has no choice but to take part in, but life can also be an adventure if one chooses to make it one . 

If one chooses to put the keys in the ignition, press start, put the car in gear,  and put the top down; seeking out the new, the unknown, and feeling the wind in your hair.

Mini Roadster Top Down 

When one chooses to take the risk of starting down the roads of the unknown it is not always a straight shot from where you are to where you want to be, there are more often then not unexpected twist and turns. Some of those turns may be exciting and some of them may hurt but when you are faced with unexpected turns is when you set things to sport, take the wheel in both hands and fling your self full force into those turns, savoring the sensation of the G's as you goose it through the apex of the curve facing you to find the next one ahead, mastering your skills with each turn. Learning and building memories of the amazing twist and turns.


As the best memories about life are not necessarily about what lies as the final destination but about the thrills, sorrows, and triumphs experienced along the road that lead you there. 


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No surprise Bill O'Reilly, is once more sending his no spin zone spinning out of control, as he has taken up issue with a McDonald's add from France, that as part of their "come as you are series of adds" features a subtle gay "them" to it. as the add starts out with the teen sons sitting waiting for his father to get the food from the counter when his cell rings and he talks to one of his classmates as a couple would about how he looks good in the class pic and that he misses them. its not till the end you find out that the class is all boys. and then the tag line "come as you are".

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