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When We Rise Review.

I know that I am late to the game on When We Rise on ABC, but I have just finished watching it on demand.  I would say if you have not watched it, it is a must watch.  The series is very well put together, and it gets you wrapped up in it from the very start, and you will want to binge watch the whole series in one sitting, This the cinematography in this series is first rate, and the use of music helps to increase the emotional impact of this series, I have to admit that I teared up multiple times through out the series, as you get so deeply engrossed in what is going on that emotionally you wined up placing yourself into what is going on.  While I wish that they had put in a few more things in the gay rights movement it really dose a very thorough job of showing the fight for equality.  More after the jump.

It is also important to support series and productions like this so that producers, TV stations and movie studios will produce more such series and movies that chronicle the gay community.  If serieses like this don't do well or movies don't do well at the box office they are less likely to produce them, as no matter how much they want to tell the stories they still have to make commercial since as they are businesses that need to make money in order keep the lights on and the investors happy.  So as a community and as allies it is vital important that we support these productions, and this one is definitely one to get behind as it is such a good one.

I think that if we get behind this one we can show that if you have good production values and quality representation you can be successful in creating content that features gay content.  I hope that some of you that have been on the fence about this will jump in with both feet as it is definitely worth the time, and I think that you will be glad that you did. I also think that it is important for those that have seen it to use social media platforms to share with others how good the series is and to entice them into watching it as well.


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