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The Moral Corruption Of The Religious Right

The hypocrisy never seems to stop with those that are on the religious right, with the latest example of Josh Dugger having to step down from his position at the hate group Family Research Council after it came out that he has molested several young girls, including some of his sisters.  All of which the Dugger family worked to cover up.  Yet they campaigned against gay marriage and trans rights Michelle Dugger going so far as to say trans people are a threat to children, She even had a crew member fired from the show back in 2008 for being gay "because he was a threat to her kids" souly because of his sexuality.  As if that is not bad enough Mick Huckabee has said that it is an attempt by the media to bring the family down and that the media and those that want them removed from TV (and punished for) over what they have done and been a party to are just wrong and mean spirited,  It is utterly mind blowing the hypocrisy
they cry at every turn that the LGBT community is a threat to children and that we not only don't dissever the same rights as every other (straight) citizen of the country, but that we deserve to have the equal rights we have gained removed and be punished for simply being LGBT, all because of the children.

Yet they cover up the crimes against children of those among them, and then decry it when people seek justice when the crimes finally come to light as those people being blood thirsty and seeking to distory other and taking joy in it.  They throw the victims in this case innocent little girls by the wayside as after all he was straight, christian and held the right views so there for what he did is some how not wrong, something that to any sane minded person looking in from the outside is not only illogical but clearly a morally abhorrent position.  Just like those that where abhorred by the child molestation problem in the Catholic church  and the subsequent systematic cover up of it (which allowed it to go on for decades) and demanded justice for the victims and condemnation for the actions of the church where accused of being anti religion anti Christian and anti catholic, and treated like there was something wrong with them when in reality the blame layed the other way around.

It really dose make one wounder how they can so disassociate them selves from the horrible reality of what they are coming to the diffidence of, simply because of the views of those that committed the terrible crime.   Yet they want other to turn to them as moral authority, and they paint themselves as them too.  and sadly there are many many people that see them as just that and buy into their lines of B.S. even while the rest of the world sees them as the emperor with out their cloths.  It is dismaying, as someone that sees them for what they are and sees that they are hijacking Christianity and taking it in a direction that is so corrupted and morally wrong on so many levels and on so many issues that it almost ceases to live up to the name of what it (and they) claim to be. I mean how much more morally corrupted can you get then to not only hide the crimes of a child molester but to come to his defince when they come to light as if they are no big deal at all, personally I can't think of anything other then maybe killing people and even that one might not out weigh harm to children. I hope that the full forces of the law gets thrown not only at Josh Dugger for the crimes that he perpetrated but that they get thrown at his family for covering them up.I also hope that they do lose their media empire that they have built over this, and it is not out of being vindictive but to serve as a warning to others that these things are not to be taken lightly.One can only hope.

Until nest time dear readers.


  1. One of the reasons Huckabee and the Duggars care not for the victims of pedophile Josh is because they are girls. Right wing extreme christians dont treasure women at all. To them they are nothing more than a vessel to keep "clean" until the wedding night and then their job is to pop out as many babies as possible, while keeping the house clean, dinner on the table and the husband satisfied in the bedroom. Why women fall for the degradation is beyond my understanding. Who in their right mind would want to be a member of a religion who more or less says you're useless and tainted under the eyes of god? I swear, women are their own worst enemies.

    1. You have a very good point there, it is unimaginable why any women would want to be a part of the christain right wing. Hell I dated a guy like that, he decided I was womenly and thus my only perpos was to entertain him, to be there when he wanted to do what he wanted and to be ignored and belittled when he felt like it. Heck I took him out to a very expensive dinner after which he told me after a certain age he would dump me. I really don't even know why I stayed with him until he eventually did dump me several months down the line. In his eyes I was definitely not on the same level that he was, yet I played along. (which I don't quite get because that is not the way that I feel things should work, so maybe I should not be so shocked that there are women who fall for that and believe in it)

  2. Wow, what a total loser that guy was to treat you so terribly! You deserve better! I'm not happy he dumped you, but am glad he is out of your life.

    1. that was quite a while ago, it was from before I wound up in hospital (had nothing to do with that happening) so like 5-6 years ago. I honestly don't know why I did not see him as that at the time, (heck he would not even drive up to where I lived once) yet in hindsight it I would never put up with it.

      I don't know maybe it just attract not so great guys, like the resent one I went on like 3 dates with and sometime between out candle lite move watching date at his house and 3 days later when I asked him out on another date had gone into an exclusive relationship with someone else. It seems I attract guys that ether want a back up plan, to get over something/ distract them selves from something, or guys that just want at "toy" to play with when they want. It leaves me at a lose as I don't know what it is that I am doing to attract these types of guys.


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