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Spiritually Adrift

So it has been a while since my last post, I am doing quite well I have just be busy and well have not made the time that I need to actually do a post, along with neglecting to make time to do other things that I enjoy. So one of my goals for the New Year is to try and make time in my day/week to do those things.

OK moving on, I have been feeling adrift lately in my faith and my beliefs, feeling not quite sure where to turn and disconnected in a way from my faith, and more importantly my spirituality. I mean in very general terms I know what my beliefs are but I am feeling that they are not very well fleshed out at all and not only that but I don't have as much understanding as I would like in order to flush them out, which conveniently highlights my feeling of disconnectedness.  I have fund my self trying to figure out where to turn to help with that.

I though do find myself at a lose about where to find that which I seem to be seeking as honestly I am not sure entirely what I am seeking, other then to feel a closer connection and stronger spirituality that feels somehow more grounded. I'm not sure were to turn to help me find that, and it leaves me puzzled as I know one of the big places that many people would turn church (at least brick and mortar) I just don't fell comfortable turning to if that makes since at all.  I know that church is not something that is required to have a strong spirituality.

I don't know if any of this makes any since, I mean I have read a good book that at this time dose provide a level of I don't know that comfort is the right world but I can't really think of the right one, but highlighting that even though I feel this way my spirituality is still there and is still "strong" and that feeling like this will lead me even closer to god and in that I will be able to puzzle this out a little better.  But that still right now leaves me in a place where I am at a total loss.

I guess that is where I will leave you guys, as always if you guys have any ideas, feedback or guidance that you would like to off it would be welcomed with open arms and much appreciated.


  1. I'm can't offer any ways to connect you stronger to your faith, as I lost my eons ago, while still a child.

    However, having said that, I do feel more centered when I make quiet time for me. No radio, no books(!), just me and quiet. Outdoors is better than inside. Grass, trees, flowers are better than pavement. I think that where ever we feel more at peace, the more often we visit that place, the more it helps up connect with our inner self. The self we dont often or ever display for others viewing, and I often think those that feel adrift have to noisy/busy lives. Which slowing down and finding your center and listening to it helps to find your spirituality.


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