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Music Can Sooth The Soul

Today and yesterday has been one of those days at work. It has been heck in no small part due to the fact that our which of a regional has been in the store.  I thought though that I would share with you guys some songs that I love.

The fist couple of them have been pleasant surprises that I ran across on the country music station that I listen to on the radio.

The last song is one that I like that is the second music video from an artist that I ran across by happen stance through a post on a blog that I follow.

I really hope that you guys have enjoyed sharing some of the music that has helped to brighten my day.


  1. Nothing better than music to let the days dust and debris wash away in a bath of our favorite songs. And its quite odd really just what grabs us and makes us happy in song land.

    A few years ago at the acupuncturist they had new age "music" playing. When Mr. Nam came back in he found me tense as can be, when I explained to him the issue he told me to bring my own music to allow myself to relax. Cool!! After a few visits he got curious and wanted to hear what was soothing me to near sleep. When I played my heavy metal he looked at me and said, "This? This is what relaxes you?" I about fell off the table laughing at his shocked face!

  2. That is so true, I know that many times just having the radio onto my favorite station even on the short drive home helps to start and melt the days stresses away.

  3. Hope you're doing well, and happy.

    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!


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