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Not bad bad.

Sorry if I have frightened any of my readers with my expressions of my inner feelings.  I am in now way a threat to myself right now.  I plan on speaking to my doc on Monday.

I have done a self depression test and fall into the lower rang of moderet-sever which for me is a "not bad" level as I have no self harmful to my self. I just have no interest in anything nor any reall hope about the future. But I still function mostly well I just dont really want to do it, and tend to feel overwhelmed and pissed of much more easily.

But in a strange way even though it is not a great place to be I it is somehow still a comfort too.


  1. I've been so worried about you since reading your last two posts, thank you for reassuring me that you're going to be ok! whew!

    Ok, to make it easier for you on Monday, write down some thoughts and concerns that you're having about depression and the nearly total lack of interest in much of anything. Tell Doc that you're still getting out of bed each day and carrying on with life, just that it feels all rather "meh". A med change might be in order, it often takes a while to get the meds just right.

    Why write it down before you go? Because I dont know about you, but when ever i get into a doc's office, i leave forgetting to ask all but the most pressing of issues.

    again thank you ever so much for letting me know your going to be ok!

  2. How are you? Still ok? Worried about you, take care.

  3. I am doing ok, just got to keep my self busy.(and try to keep from stuffing my face with everything possible.


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