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Felling Creative

I know that some of you have been worried about me and how I have been doing, I am really starting to feel better.  Matter of fact I have been feeling creative lately and I have started to write, and a story at that which is something that I don't often do.  I thought that I would share a little taste of it with you so after the jump is the first paragraph of my story. (8 pages so far)

 Samuel woke up as the summer sun was just starting to peek over the horizon, lighting the dark room with a faint orangeish glow, he looked around the strange room taking in his surroundings, before taking a peek over to the other side of the bed where Jason lay still sound asleep.  Samuel surveyed the room shoes and clothes strewn everywhere, trying to pick out his from the mess.  he carefully got out of the bed sure not to disturb Jason in the process. Having spotted his boxers tossed on the floor in front of the window he quickly slipped into them, his tall slender body lit by the glowing light coming in the window, casting shadows on him that accentuated his exquisite swimmers build.  He found his pants next, crumpled on the floor at the foot of the bed, where they had been shed the night before, in a desperate attempt to remove as much fabric from between the two of them as possible.  He struggled for a few moments trying to slip into them as quietly as he possibly could.  He then stood there trying to locate his shirt which seemed to have disappeared into thin air until he noticed it lying next to the closet door just inside the bedroom door, just a step away where his shoes where they had been kicked off the night before as well.

Hope you enjoyed the teaser, I still have not decided if I will share it when I am done or not, because as you can tell from the first paragraph it has an slightly adult theme, and to share that i think I would have to age restrict my blog. What do you guys think, should I do that or should I create another blog to share these sorts of things if and when I create more?


  1. standing around, waiting for the rest of your story! great beginning, and now i'm full of curiosity as to what comes next!

    i'm so very glad your doing better. was quite worried about you.



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