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Sunday Book Review: Destiny On The Tracks

This week I would like to write up a quick review of Destiny On The Tracks by Drake Braxton.  This is only the second book that he has written, but I find that this book has cemented him as one of my favorite authors, who is a must read.  I can honestly say that I can't wait to see what his next book is going to be, let alone wait for it to come to press. For now though we will content our self with this amazing read. 

Wheeler Reynolds is on business staying at a bed and breakfast outside of Chicago, where after thinking he has heard a voice, and seen and heard a train on tracks near the house. tracks that after he mentions the train sounds he finds out have not been used in over 90 years, not since the tragic night when a circus train jumped the tracks killing every one before. 

That nigh he once again hears a voice calling his name in the wind as well as the sound off in the distance of a calliope music box (that is supposed to reside in the living room of the bed and breakfast) after fallowing the sounds next think he know he wakes up in 1918.

There he meets Nicola Tenaglie, an aerialist for the circus. After the sparks fly from their first meeting and a relationship quickly flourishes, he thinks that he has been called there to prevent the train wreck. But outside forces intervene and Wheeler and Nicola get separated from each other when their growing relationship is discovered.  In the face of Wheeler's disappearance Nicola winds up back on the train, and it is pulling out of the station, towards the wreck of the train.

Although this story is not one of your typical riding off into the sunset type romances, it is still very good. Some people might be wary of the "time travel" in this story but it is worked in seamlessly, and in a way that seems absolutely natural and dose not at all come across as a gimmick at all.  It is written extremely well, you get a feeling for both characters and quickly develop an emotional attachment to both of them and their story.  It takes you on a very emotional ride that will have you from the heights of joy to tears.  This is honestly one of those books that once I picked it up I could not put it down.  I highly recommended this book, even if you are not that into romances it is that good. 

Until next time dear readers I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I have. 


  1. I'll have to give this a try! I adored his book Missing, and am excited that he has a new book out! Yippee! Thanks for telling us, as I would have missed this for sure!


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