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Will I Ever Meet Some One?

I find my self feeling lonely lately, especially over the last week with mom out of town and me having the house all to my self all evening when I get off work, I find that it has made me feel exceptionally lonely.  I have found my self wishing for someone to share my life with. 

I find my self wishing that I was better at figuring my way around online dating. I just seem to have no luck with it, and it is really the only way for me to scare up date. I don't know what to do with my profile to make it better and make me more appealing to the limited local dating pool. 

Sure I could increase the pool if I where to move to say Seattle, or expand my range to Vancouver BC, however I'm not a big city boy. If i where to I would want someone that will live in the city I do. and I love the city I live in, I like my job, and want to be near my family. Bellingham is where my life is. I don't know maybe I just want too much, and will just be single for the rest of my life.


  1. If Bellingham is a really small town, say 5,000-ish, it’s pretty obvious you’re very unlikely to get anywhere with gay dating there. You might need to move to a larger community to have a chance. You also face a prioritizing issue not unlike gay binational married couples used to face because of DOMA of having to choose between the man they love and their own country. The choice for me wouldn’t be that hard if I had reasonable job prospects in the other country. If that theoretical husband of mine had marriage equality in his country, I’d be gone from the U.S. in a flash. I have nothing but contempt for the vicious Republican theo-bigotocracy which sucks the life out of the whole country except for about a dozen blue states or so.

    If your parents have a computer, teach them to Skype so you can keep contact with them that way if you decide you need to move to a larger community to have better dating prospects. If the Leffew’s lives are of the type you hope for yourself, you really do need to be more flexible or you’re not going to get anywhere. Most gay people I would think instinctively realize that small town America is a wasteland for them in terms of finding their soulmate. It’s one thing to have formed a relationship elsewhere in a more populace area and move to a small town afterwards and quite another to stay in that same small town as a single and have any reasonable expectations of finding anyone there. Your own personal experience should tell you that simply doesn’t work.

    1. It's small compared to Seattle or Vancouver, but not supper small. It has a population of about 85,000. Living in or around Bellingham is important to me, it is my home town (I have lived here since I was 5) I love the area, the way and pace of life, and all the green space. A city like Seattle is nice to visit (mostly if you are with someone that knows it) but it is too crowded, too busy, too much traffic, too franticly paced, too noisey and not enough nature/green space. I could not live there.

  2. We a few things in common, we both live in small towns, I actually have my mother in my care, she needs me, that's of reasons I can not go anywhere (sorry about my inglish).
    I'm from Portugal and I live in a small island called San Miguel, in Azores.
    So I understand you very much.
    But I hope you find someone to love and that deserves you.
    Have faith.


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