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Sunday book review: An Unconventional Courtship

So this weeks post is going to be shorter then normal because the power supply on my computer gave out, and I am writing this on my tablet. This week I would like to write my review on An Unconventional Courthship, by Scotty Cade. Read more after the jump.

I realy enjoyed the book, it was a well passed book. The main charecters where well developed and you felt like you really knew them, and like you where really getting a peak into their lives. The secondery charecters are also well developed and add something specal to the story them selves instead of just acting like a backdrop. I like the story arch and the different chalanges that it throws in the way of the charecters. This book ends leaving you wanting more which is good as it is the first book in a series of two books.

Tristan is an executive assistant to Webber Kincade the president and CEO of Kincade International, a major finachel company. The job would be absolutly perfict if it was not for the fact that he was maddly in love with his boss. He must keep his feelings locked away becuase for one thing for all he knows his boss is straight, after all he is only ever seen with a well know super modle when ever he is at public events. Not only that but he also must protect his boss's reputatipn even he happned to be gay which was extreamly unlikely.

Unbeknownst to Tristan, Webber is also maddly in love with Tristan too, but he can not act on his feelings because he has no clue if Tristan is gay, and even if he is there is no way to know if he shares his feelings.  So he can't risk the potential sexual harassment suit and the fall out that it could have, if he revelas his true feelings to Tristan.

So things only get more complicated when they go on a work trip to a privet Caribbean island, to review some potential acquisitions of Kinkade International.  While there their passions smolder just bellow the surfice driving both of them crazy.  The queation now is will those smoldering feelings burst out onto the open, and if they do how will they deal with the merioud of chalanges that they present?

To find the answers to thes questions and to enjoy a thoroughly good read you will have to pick up the book which can be found on both Amazon Kindel and Barnes and Noble nook.  As always dear readers I hope that you have enjoyed this review and that you will enjoy the book aswell.


  1. This book sounds very interesting, I'll have to give it a read. I really love the kindle book app, most library's dont buy gay love stories. Huh, yet another instance of discrimination, this time in book form.

    I like the way you write book reviews. You give just enough detail to see if I would be interested in reading the book, but not so detail that it gives the entire plot away. Good-o you!


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