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Sunday Book Review, Knockdown By Sarah Graves

So this Sunday we are going to have a change of gears away from romances, that I have read in the past, to a mystery that I have just finished reading.  I just finished reading Knockdown: A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery, by Sarah Graves, which is part of her home repair is homicide series of books. Even though I only have read a few of them, I have to admit that I am quite hocked on the series, which wraps home repair information seamlessly into the plot as well as giving small tips under the chapter number for each chapter. I know that it may sound quite odd but it really is very good.

I like the characters in the book they all have very interesting backgrounds and in them selves create interest of their own.  They are all very well developed leaving one feeling like they know the characters, as if they are getting a true peak into the lives of real people. While this book is called a mystery it straddles the line between mystery and thriller, it is a mystery in the since that for one of the main characters Jacobia other wise know as Jake, is trying to solve something of a mystery before she gets Killed by the person that is after her. However since the reader also gets to see what is going in the killers mind as well as being privy to the killers plans to ultimately kill Jake, it takes on the life of a good thriller too.  In light of this it should come as no surprise that I found the plot of this book to be very good and that it grabs your attention from the start and never lets it go, leaving you never wanting to set the book down.

Jake is a former financial manager who lived in NY with a philandering husband who is a  brain surgeon, and a  troubled young son.  In her job as a financial adviser so becomes entangled in advising to the seedy under world of NY specifically the mob and those that help to keep it in power, not only dealing this their legitimate investments but also with helping to launder their ill gotten gains.  However as her marriage falls to pieces and her son spirals out of control she decides that it is time to cut her losses and leave that part of her life all behind and start a new life.  Leaving her old life behind she buys a big old house that need lost of TLC to bring back to its glory days, in the small island town of Eastport, Main.

How ever now 20 years latter a remnant of he old life reapers.  As one day she spots a suspicious man who keeps ridding his bike back and forth in-front of her house, but the unsettling thing is that he looks somehow familiar.  It is made even more disturbing when he giver he the cryptic message of "Blood shows up again; murder will out" shortly after which she gets an anonymous email warning her to beware of the forth of July, which is only two days away. Can she, with the help of her closest friends and family solve the mystery of when and how the mysterious killer plans to carry out his plans before it is to late? Will She make it as thing start to escalate from threatening emails to home invasions?

I highly recomend this page turner of a read to anyone that likes a good mystery or a good thriller, I promis that you will not be able to put it down.  You can find it at book stores you can also find print and digital copies on Amazon      


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