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Sunday Book Review, Color Of Grace

So it is time once again for another Sunday book review, and keeping with the romance novel kick (after all every one has to have their guilty pleasures in life, this being one of the better ones that someone can have) that I have been/was on for the time that I dropped off the face of the blogging world, today I will be reviewing Color Of Grace by A.M. Arthur. Who on a side note is an author that I am quite enamored with. I have come to quite enjoy her writing style and the complexity of her story lines as well as her characters. She leaves me looking forward to reading her next book.

Once again A.M. Arthur creates a engrossing read,
with a story line that keeps the reader wanting more and loathing having to set the book down.  This is accomplished through a story line with a complexity that keeps the reader engaged at all times. Like before the book bounces back in forth between the fist hand views, emotions and internal monologues of both characters, often within the same event.  Once again the book is well paced, not so fast that the reader is left feeling like they are missing things but also not feeling overly drawn out ether, the timing seems to flow natural  with out relying on the love scenes to drive the plot forward. Instead the love scenes sprout up natural never feeling like an after though, yet also not used in lieu of substance in the plot, one is left with the impression that the book could stand on its own feet with out the love scenes, however they contribute the well rounded feel of the book. Like in the past the cast of complex well fleshed out characters, makes the book all that much more engaging.

It could be said that the Color Of  Grace is a brilliantine fallow up to Cost Of Repairs. As it fallows the seconder character of Schuyler, who happens to be the exboyfriend of Ray King, whom readers are left wondering about, after the end of Cost Of Repairs. This book dose an excellent job of fleshing him out fully and thus giving the reader a complex look into the man. This book Also introduces the reader to a new character, Berrett McCall another relative new comer to the town of Strattion, PA, where he is is starting to build a new sober life, leaving behind a checkered life where he lived a life as if there was no tomorrow. Both men have secrets in there past that they would like to leave behind yet they can't quite shake them. However their paths are destined to be set on a collision course.

That collision course is set when Dixie offers the basement apartment in her house to Berrett the new short order cook at Dixie's cup, after the apartment that he lived in burns to the ground taking what little he owned with it.  This offer could not come at a worse time for Dixie's nephew Schuyler, the local high school art teacher, as it also coincides with an event that still haunts him, the drowning death of his teenage cousin, the problem is that he knows differently.  Their first meeting is the night the anniversary of his cousins death, as well as Dixie's offer to Berrett, at a house warming party for Samual and Ray.  They meet, both looking for space out in the drizzlely solitude of the back deck of Smaual and Ray's house.  Right away Berrett see that Schuyler has demons that are haunting him even if he dose not know what they are.  Their first real meeting ends with Berrett dragging a extremely drunk shcuyler back to schuylers apartment and watching over him threw the night until he is in a state that he can take care of himself. However since Berrett is now living in Dixie's house their paths continue to cross, and a smoldering undertone of attraction and desire for each other starts to bubble just bellow the surface, until it finally brakes through with the help of smoldering kiss.  however can their relationship survive Schuyler's secret?  A secret that he is finally forced to deal with head on after the only other person that knows what really happened with his cousin all those years ago shows up in town?

This excellent book can be found on Amazon for Kindle or on Barnes And Noble for Nook  I highly recommend this book, and at being just a little over $3 there is not much to lose with picking it up! Until next time dear readers I hope that you liked this review and I wish you happy reading, PS if you have any books that you would like to share feel free to let me know about them in the comment section!  


  1. I commented, but it didnt take, so will try again!

    Thanks for posting, I was wondering how you were doing. Life can be "squishy" at times, leaving you in a wallow period.

    The book sounds quite interesting! Will have to do a sample of this title.


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