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Sunday Book Review, Cost Of Repairs

I know that it has been a long time since I have posted any thing, in part because I have pretty much dropped off the radar and have not even really been keeping up with any of the things that I have a passion for, sort of reading books.  Which is why I would like to try to make Sunday book reviews something of a semi regular thing, and I sincerely hope that it is something that you my readers enjoy.  On that note today I would like to review on of those books, Cost Of Repairs, By A.M. Arthur. I have been on a Romance novel kick as of late and Cost Of Repairs, is a romance, which also happens to be a gay romance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read.  The book has a very good pace to the story line while also being able to flesh the story out fully, yet it avoids feeling drug out. The characters are very three dimensional well fleshed out giving you a full look into them and what makes them tick.  While it may be a romance the story line is very intricate and focuses equally on both characters and the complications not only of their budding relationship with each other but with the outside forces that have to deal with as well as the many secrets that they hold that are shaping their lives and where they are in them. One of the things that I especially like about this book is that it switched back and forth between the fist person views of both characters.  The plot is moved along nicely with reveling looks into the characters action and challenges that the characters have to face that threaten their relationship with each other, as well as equal parts of steamy action between each other which is described in such was that it gets the reader into the moment with out relying on stereotypical cliche descriptions of the action. (and being more on the real side, if readers are put off by more realistic depictions of steamy action, but instead want cliche illusional descriptions of said action this book may not be for them.) 

In the book Samual Briges is starting to build a new life in Strattion, PA after fleeing New Mexico to get away from a very painful past, and is starting to settle into his new third shift beat as a cop, and restoring his fixer upper of a house that he has bought.  he is not looking for a relationship, when Ray King who works as a short order cook at Dixie's Cup, the local dinner that is part of his beat catches his eye.  Ray is not only a part time cook at Dixie's Cup but also a full time handy man as well, his life is centers around his work, but it is not because he loves it.  Nether men is looking for a relationship Samual because of painful memories and Ray because work makes such a thing impossible and impractical.  How ever both men develop an eye for each other from the moment that they lay eyes on each other. They start to build a cautious friendship after a steamy afternoon of impulsive no strings attached sex.  Their budding relationship is put to the test after Ray is serious injured defending a friend from an attack, leaving his lively hood in danger, and exposing the weakness in their fragile relationship. 

Can their fragile friendship blossom into love against all odds?  To answer that question one must read the book. Which can found on amazon: Cost Of Repairs. I hope that you all have enjoyed my review and that you enjoy the book.  Untill next time dear readers.


  1. Sounds like a really good book! I'll have to snag a copy and give it a read. Thanks for the good review.

    On a diff note, I'm glad your back again. I was just going to drop you a comment to make sure you were ok. Gotten rather worried lately with you dropping off the face of the blogger map.


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