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Bridge at Deception Pass, Washingtion

It has been a while since I have posted anything, for myriad from not being inspired to now that I am on a bit of a down word trajectory in my moods and I have just lost interest in most everything that I find passion in and that I care about and find fun in life.  So I thought that I would try to pick up my sprites and remind my self of something that I have a passion about by sharing some of my photographs even though it has been quite some time now since I have had the chance to go out with my camera and shoot anything.  So with out further delay here are some of my photos that I would like to share with you right after the the jump.
Bridge at Deception Pass, Washingtion

Interior Lattice work of bridge at Deseption Pass, Wahsingtion

Part of Deception Pass bridge as seen from beach bellow

Part of Deception Pass Bridge as seen from beach.

Part of Deception Pass bridge as seen from side with half in background

Graceful structure of Decpetiong Pass bridge

Knit slippers in basket

Falls in Whatcom Falls Park, Bellingham, Washington

Kite at Zuanich Park, Bellingham, Washingtion

Saint Pauls church, Bellingham, Washington

Kites at Zuanch park, Bellingham, Washington

Seagull at rest

Ladybug at rest

I hope that you all have enjoyed my photography, and that it adds a little interest to your day. Please tell me what you think.  Until next time dear readers. 


  1. I love all of your pictures, but one really grabbed me. It was of the lattice work of the bridge. That my friend is a most excellent picture! Wow!

    Did you knit those slippers?

    Kites make me smile, and your pictures were really good! That fabric one with the long tails is fantastical.

    Super glad you posted again. Missed you!

    1. Thank you, I am glad that others like it, when I am not feeling not so good it is something that I truly enjoy doing.

      Nope no one in our house knit them they where knited by the mom of my cousins girl friend.


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