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Sunday Book Review

Drake Braxton

This book grabbed me from the very beginning and never let go.  It starts right out in the mist of the action as Blain realizes that his Husband of 15 years Manny has gone missing at Blain's 20th class reunion. So starts the search of the hotel for his husband, first asking some of the reunion attendees, then checking her room, in the hopes that he had become bored with the reunion and returned to the room to rest, things grow expediently more frantic after Blain discovers Manny's cell phone discarded in a potted plant.
From this point the story picks up even more steam.  The book takes the reader on many twists and turns as revelations about Blain's own baggage and his affair two years ealyer that nether Manny nor Blain him self could forgive him for.  It brings the reader on a trip of self destruction and discovery, drown in enough booze to numb the world. With every twist the reader becomes all the more engrossed in the story wanting to know what is to come next.

This may be Braxton's first novel but one would never guess that, the writing is top shelf, and polished to perfection. The book dose not fit neatly into one genera which is part of the beauty of the book, there is mystery, suspend drama and even romance, all woven together so well that the reader never feels that any of those elements is out of place.  The reader truly experiences all the emotions the Blain goes threw on his journey thew out the book, which is along with the story line and the  intreagle  nature of the supporting charters that fleshed out extremely well and ring true to reality.  This along with the story line it self is why once you pick the book up you will not want to put it down.

The book is available only as an ebook on both Barns & Noble and Amazon for $6.99, which is the best $6.99 that you will ever spend

I   absolutely  loved this book and would recommend it to any one that is willing to listen.
Until next time dear readers. 


  1. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review the book. Some people are put off by the multi-genre approach, but I'm so glad it spoke to you!

    And yes...the book is due out in print this week. (Well, it should have been this past weekend, but publisher saying this week now!) :-)

    Thanks again.


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