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New Support and New Fundraising Effort!!

One of the newest groups to throw their support behind marriage equality in Washington state and take an official stance that Ref 74 should be a proved is the Seattle Chamber Of Commerce which represents 2,200 company's, it joins the ranks of company's like Microsoft and Starbucks, as well as many faith groups and Labor groups like my union UFCW 21, in voicing their support for the right of all citizens of Washington to be able to marry.   Of course being the chamber of commerce their reason boils down to the economics of it, in that it creates a simpler system of providing benefits to employees who have same sex partners, as well as helping to make it easier to attract and keep talent, especially when competing with other states (and countries) that have marriage equality.

In addition to gaining another voice for equality Washington United For Marriage has started their new Raising Millions For Marriage campaign where individuals (and groups) can set fundraising goals, and help to raise fund to help fight to keep marriage equality come November and also to make history and become the first state in which gay marriage is put to vote and the voters approve it.  

I am participating in the Raising Millions For Marriage campaign, and I would truly appreciate it is you are able if you would click on the link to my Raising Millions For Marriage page and make a donation, to help me meet my goal of raising $1,000.  Every little bit helps. As always thank you readers until next time.


  1. Hi Matt,

    Here are the psych music links I promised you in Bryan's blog. Enjoy.

    “Tantra Asan” / Lamp of the Universe / from The Cosmic Union (2001)

    “Introspection” / The End / from Introspection (UK 1969)

    “People I Once Knew” / Stone Circus / from Stone Circus (US 1969)

    “Places Of Light” / Brainticket / from Cottonwoodhill (Switzerland (?) 1971)

    “Eye-Shaking King” / Amon Duul II / from Yeti (Germany 1970)

    “Stain on the Sun” / The Bevis Frond (Live 2004)

    “My God” / Jethro Tull / Isle of Wight performance (UK 1970)

    “Mind Flowers” / Ultimate Spinach / from Behold and See (US 1968)

    “Villanova Junction” / Jimi Hendrix / Woodstock performance (1969)

    “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” / Jimi Hendrix / Woodstock performance (1969)

    “Ball and Chain” / Janis Joplin live in Germany (1969)

    “Samba Pa Ti” / Santana / live from Croatia 10-18-98

    “Coily” / Ozric Tentacles / from Waterfall Cities (UK 1999)

    “The Prophet Am I” / The Spacious Mind / from Mind of a Brother (Sweden 1999)

    “Feeling” / Lightshine / from Feeling (Germany 1974)

    “Machine Gun (Cover Jam) / Excellent interpretation of Hendrix’s Machine Gun. If I ever learn to play, I want to sound exactly like this.

    “First Communication” / Agitation Free / from Second (Germany 1973)

    “Mandrake Root” / Deep Purple / Live in Bilzen, Belgium 1969)

  2. Hi Matt,

    This is Dave again from Bryan's blog.

    I just saw your video “Tired of being jammed back in the closet” centering on the problems you have with your father, how you avoid dating, etc. so you don’t worsen the wedge between the two of you. I don’t have a YouTube account, so I can’t post there and I don’t have a direct e-mail contact either, so this is the only way I can reach you. I think you said somewhere in your video about that you’re happy being single but, by just listening to how you sound and your facial expression, it’s readily apparent to me that you’re miserable instead. I think part of the problem with your dad is that he may not have all the facts he needs regarding homosexuality. Once that he understands that overwhelming majorities of self-identifying gay people report little or no choice in their orientation, how specifically gayness is caused in the womb and that the only thing making him different from you is that he had a more fortunate birth outcome, his attitude on this subject should soften. He needs to understand that, although roughly 95% of the general population will be born straight, SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE has to be born into that less fortunate 5% group. It happened to be you. But your father needs to understand that this could have happened to him too and it wouldn’t be anyone’s fault.

    Have him watch this video and it would be better if you can watch it together. Watch it yourself once or twice first so you know what’s coming and have a good command of the material. It’s possible to be firm with your dad without being disrespectful. Tell him all this “attitude” he’s been exhibiting all of these years has been a function of being badly misinformed. Well, now he has the REAL facts and there’s no retreat back to that cushy, comfortable ignorance he once enjoyed because you’ve burned that bridge behind him. It’s time for him to finally get over it and give you the respect you deserve. Getting to where you want to go with your dad is going to require an uncomfortable conversation to get there. Otherwise, expect more of what you have right now.

    In the future, always size up who you’re considering coming out to before you take that leap off the cliff. Always be ready to educate them as needed or your comings out may end up being botched.

    Good luck.

    1. I have tried to reach out to him and help educate him on the subject, matter of fact I read a book (recommended and written by some of the founders of PFLAG) and then gave it to him to read and well he never read it, never even opened the book. He just dose not seem that interested in getting past the point he is now, which is "I will not stand in your way but I will not be happy about it" and that it is my fault if I want something more then that.


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