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Gay Relationships Are Not Real; Since When?!?

This seems to be the sentiment that is more then popping out of the wood work as the debate heats up after the Governor signed the marriage equality bill, now with a Referendum still in the works(the league of women voters is contesting the AG's biased wording) and the Imitative poised to start soon too. (a judge just finished the legal wording for it) To see  these views I don't even have to look further then the opinion column of my local news paper and the comment section on said opinions, With those that oppose gay marriage not only insisting that gay marriage will lead to a slippery slope, that it's bad for the kids, and that it will destroy religion too.  Even more infuriatingly though they are also stating that gay relationships are not real ones at all, as if we are all acting and pretending when we are in a relationship so that we can secretly destroy marriage and the family, it is so infuriatingly wrong and absurd that it just makes my blood boil!  

Then of course they throw in the line about how they are tired of having gays force things down their throats, all as they attempt to force their religious, morally corrupt views down the throats of not only LGBT citizens but of their family, friends, and coworkers that support them. Yet if you stop and look at what is forcing ones sexuality down the throats of these people beyond the fight for equal rights, is doing the exact same things that billions of straight people and couples do every day without having an single eye batted.  It is so ridiculously frustrating that because it is not part of the heterosexuality normative suddenly any behavior whether it be holding hands or steeling a peck on the lips goes from being something sweet to an ungodly act meant to distort the world as we know it, simply because it is not between a man and a women but a man and a man. (or a women and a women) It is as if these people are blind to any existence other then their own, and that anything that is not exactly like theirs is somehow a threat to them, as if a gay couple is going to pounce upon them and make them become gay or something just as irrational. Then this distorted view of reality should not come as a surprise coming from the same people that scream about the separation of church and state when they insist that state laws which exempt their religion are not good enough, while trying to force church into state, and because they are not seceding they are suddenly the victims!

They paint them selves as the hapless victims in some sort of giant some giant plot, even though when one even simply glances at the fact religion is being protect, especially in Washington where even religious agency that act on the states behalf can discriminant.  Yet they don't want to have to give up the boat loads of cash that the taxpayers pump into their "charitable organisations" which  in the case of the catholic church in WA is almost entirely funded by taxpayer money with a nominal amount coming in the form of donations, and non coming from the church collection plate as like all across the country the Catholic Churches charitable organisations are their own separate corporations and thus can not share financing with the Church.  What it all boils down to is that they are only the victims when they don't get what they want out of everything, for people that decry the so called "victims" mentality of the "the liberals" and the gays etc, all groups that to my eye seem to play a roll other then hapless victim, they them selves constantly paint them selves with that brush, as if they are always being attacked and that there is no reason for any one to oppose them, like us "mean, spit-full, hatefully gays" because we protest and are vocal about the war they are waging against us, and we only get more "mean, spit full and hateful" in their propaganda as more and more people stop supporting them and start supporting us and the fight for equality instead of the fight to oppress others. 
It would seem that they only way not to be attacking them and forcing ones "homosexuality down their throat" that one had better be a good gay, and to do that one must sit at the back of the bus quietly and with out objection.  The problem is that in order to be this "good gay" one must not strive for equality as that is defiantly not sitting quietly and unobjectionable at the back of the bus, then there is that minor matter that in order to not force things down their throat, one must also then live in the closet because any level of living out of the closet is to force gayness down these poor victims throats. This is what they expect us (and our supporters to do) in order not the offend them, yet we can't expect the same from them as to do so is also a form of attack.  

To me these also seem to be the traits of a lot of "bubble people" in other words people that think that the world revolves around them, and that they are the only ones in it, and get very cranky and upset when they are brought to the realization that not only dose the world not in fact revolve around them and that the purpose of every other person on the planet is not to please them and massage their ego.  Bubble people are also the ones that get mad and paint them selves as the victim when someone that they have wronged brings it to their attention by objecting to what it is that they had done to that other person. 

I don't know about others but I am getting sick and tired not only of their ludacris expectations and demands in order to not be upset and offended, but I am also getting tired of trying to live my life to help and appease them.  I am to the point where I am ready to just say fuck them, they can scream and kick and throw their idiotic temper tantrum but I am going to do damn well what I want and live my life as I damn well see fit, and they can kiss my ass if they don't like that.   My purpose in life is not to please every one, as a matter of fact that more and more time goes by and the more this debate filled with do much idiotic drivel and hate being spewed by those that oppose our rights, and hell our own existence,  I figure that the quote "You'v got enemies?  Good that means you actually stood up for something in your life" is right, and I don't care how many enemies I get I am going to stand up for myself, for my rights, the rights of others and what is right!


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