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I'm Not A Kitchen Appliance!!

What is it with those that oppose same sex marriage, otherwise know as marriage equality, when they feel like dancing around religious indignation they suddenly start pulling out the argument of  "Marriage to me is a word with specific meaning. To call something else by the same name is, I believe, a problem in semantics, confusing and illogical. Insisting on calling different things by the same name is to lose the language." (emphasis added) as if people and their love for each other are like an kitchen appliance or some other inanimate household object?  This is something that really gets under my skin and makes my blood boil. I mean I really just can't comprehend how some one can talk about other people like that!
This is one of the things that I don't know how to react to let alone how to try to make people see the harm that their statement causes, and how wrong that view is, in part because the argument just seems to be so ingenuous, like a bold faced lie with a simple sheet draped over it to "disguise" it.  That is what I don't know how to handle as no matter how much you try to point out that the argument just dose not hold water when it is put up to the facts, those that spout it never seem to be deterred or to even stop for a moment and consider what has been layed out in front of them.  I just can't believe that a word being applied to multiple things (like marriage already is) is that inherently confusing, because for it to be so confusing to add gay partners into the mix would imply that they somehow get their marriage mixed up with the marriage of everyone around them from their fellow church goers to the mailman's marriage.  How do you have any level of conversation with someone that from the outset demonstrates so fully that they have new interest in having any sort of genuine truthful interaction with any one else? 

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