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Quick update

So I am not going to quite be able to do much in depth blogging here soon, as tomorrow my Grandparents come to visit for a while and they will be staying in my room (and I feel quite awkward trying to blog when another person might be able to see what I am writing before I have had a chance to finish it) that and it's crunch time to get ready for Christmas and goodness knows I still need to find boxes and get things wrapped!  Now add to that fun that I now have to make an appointment some time after Christmas to have about $1100 of work done on my car because I avoided hitting the idiot that decided they need to drive partway in their lane part way in mine and drove me into the wall on the shoulder, scratching my finder totally shredding the trim strip on both passenger side doors and putting a small dent in the leading edge of the rear passenger door, so now not only do I have to take that money out of my savings I have to go with out my car for 4days at some point and barrow one of my parents car or get rids from them so that I can get to and from work.  I try to remind my self it was better then colliding but it's just more stress and shit that I have to deal with, when I am getting worn down not only by the holidays (I hate forced jolliness) and work (retail this time of year=hell on earth) but also extremely tired of dealing with all the mental shit going on in my life.  I am just starting to feel a little like the freaking camel that is one straw away from a broken back, I have enough shit going on just trying to repair my self with out the added crap that keeps getting piled on. 

I will try to find some time to blog, but if I do they will most likely be very short ones that I can write on my cell phone and send by email to be published.


  1. I'm sorry I havent been commenting much. I've read a bit, but been rather overwhelmed and had an extreme lack of being able to write something that made any sense at all. And the one night i did comment, blogger ate it..sigh.

    I hope you make it thru retail hell week, and your grandparents visit, AND the car repair! Whew!, what a pile of stuff all at once, yeah? But you can do it, your made of strong stuff!


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