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Therapy Is It Even Working?

  I am feeling so frustrated lately, I don't feel like therapy is helping at all, I just feel like all it is doing is taking up time and money with nothing to show for it.  I increasingly feel that the only "progress" that has been made in helping me feel a little better is that which has been made by the minorly/moderately effective medication that I'm on.   Other then that there seems to be absolutely no direction to my "treatment" leaving me feeling like I'm swinging in the wind and like absolutely no progress is being made. I don't feel like really anything is being dealt with nor that there is really any enlightenment going on at all.

Add to that the fact that increasingly I am getting more an more annoyed by my Psychiatrist en ability to be on time, which as some one that is always prompt to slightly early to arrive for any appointment time is getting more and more on my nerves.  I mean it would be one thing if ever once and a while he was late but to be late every singe appointment (especially being the first appointment of the day) and when I say late I mean 5-10 minutes late to the office and then another 5-10 minutes of doing random things before the appointment starts meaning its always 15-20 minutes late and always having some sort of excuse of a personal hiccup of this nature or that.  But never so late that it drops the appointment time into a shorter time billing block.

I don't know maybe I am being cynical, but should I not be seeing some sort of progress after having weekly appointments for this long or and I just expecting to much.  It really is getting to the point that I am ready to give up on this process, as it just is not working, the only thing that it is doing is taking up my time and my money.  with out anything to actually show for it.


  1. Ok, what most people dont understand, is that not every therapist fits every person. You are 100% correct in being annoyed with your therapist being late every single time. To me it shows a gross disregard for the patients, and to me says they dont have your best interests at heart.

    Try to find a new doctor, your doesnt seem like a very good fit to me. And as for a need to keep seeing one? Well only you can decide if you need therapy or not, but it could be a good idea to help you over this hump.


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