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Is This The Right Path?

I don't know maybe it is just my unease and worry about finances that constantly makes me doubt and wounder constantly if I am on the right path to achieve if not the picture perfect future, that never really exist but that every one has a version of for them selves, if not that at least a secure future. Yet it seems I am never sure that the path I am on and the actions that I am taking to try to fallow it are the right ones, or if instead they are going to lead me into a sudden pit fall that will spell me doom.  I wounder if this is something that all people my age go threw, and that their concerns are all the same but I am always left wondering if it is not so.

I wounder if I am on the right path if I am doing the right things the things that I need to do in order to achieve on of the big goals of mine which is buying a place of my own.  I wounder constantly if I am on the right track, and if I am doing what needs to be done to get me there, if I'm doing enough and if I am far enough down the track or if I am massively behind the curve, when it comes to the prospects of buying a place, in this case something along the lines of a one bedroom condo. I have always know I wanted to buy a place of my own and have for quite a long time had a savings account set aside for just that reason, but I feel especially now at 24 that I am behind the 8ball when it comes to doing the sort of saving that is necessary to achieve this goal.  Maybe I'm being to hard or expecting to much from my self based on unrealistic expectations or on unrealistic perceptions of reality. As it is I have been trying to save what I though was the right amounts especially since I started my first job at 18 (in 2006) and have continued to adjust the amount automatically set-aside further and further up, yet I still don't have enough to barely scratch my way into the condo market, between the amount I have saved for a down payment and the lone size I can qualify for with my income/generate a monthly payment that is conservative and quite comfortable to meet.  It seems that I am way behind the 8ball and that I should have had enough saved up to be able to do this by now, which makes me wounder what I am doing wrong, am I not saving enough am I spending to extravagantly did I make drastically wrong turns that I thought where prudent but where not.

I know that so much of this is woulda, coulda, shoulda, sort of things, like kicking my self for what at the time I thought was a smart decision of buying my new car (which is payed off and has been for a couple years now) back in 2007 because my old one (1988 Plymouth Voyager) was nearing the end of its life expectancy at 19 years old and over 100K miles, (and starting to develop age related issues) and instead of buying a cheap used car use that money as a down payment on my Dodge Caliber, because I would get a longer use period out of it, It would come with a warranty (life time powertrain) and then I bought a lifetime bumper to bumper so I would be covered for nasty surprise.  But now I'm kicking my self wondering if that was a dumb move and is why I'm behind the 8 ball when it comes to my down-payment war-chest.

I wounder if I have been and am living to extravagantly even when I thought that I was not, and that I could have and should have put that money into my war-chest. I guess obviously I have even when I thought that I was being very frugal, other wise I would have more saved for a down payment and I would be in a better position.  I mean If I had saved for a down-payment like I am now which I am not thinking is too low and needs to be increased even more  I would have saved at least an extra 14k then I have now and had about 34K in the war-chest and actually been with in much better range. and actually had a foot in the door now and definitely with in a year or two instead of 3-4 years out, if I'm lucky and prices don't go back up threw the roof.   I mean it is pretty obvious that I have failed and done quite horribly at this and thus put myself way far behind.

I can't help but wounder if I am on the right path of if instead all that's going to happen is that once again I will fall flat on my face and that I will always be behind the 8ball and desperately trying to catch up with it.  I wounder if I am just inherently bad at budgeting and if that is why I am so honorably behind. What have I not mastered that every one else has, what is the secret that I have not unveiled why is it that I have done wrong thinking it was right?


  1. one has to live, you cant save every single penny. live a bit, save a bit, enjoy life, ok?

  2. The thing is that as it is I don't think I'm evergoing to be able to afford a place. I work hard save like there is no tomorrow and still can't seem to make headway. I Just seem to fall further and further behind. Its discureging when you have a 21k downpayment saved (separate from all other savings) and need at least 33k more to even get into the 120-125k price range. It all just seems so impossible no matter how hard I try.


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