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Some Of My Photography

So I have spent some time today editing and cropping some of the photos I took yesterday at one of my favorite spots to get away and do some reflecting, which happens to be the spot that I shoot my latest YouTube video.  I thought that I would share them today as they are about the only form of self expression that is not winding up being totally frustrating for me right now.  So please do enjoy.

Peaceful Trail Of Solitude
alone in the peaceful quite stillness of nature
fallowing the path to the seas edge

The Sea Comes Into View
Threw the lush undergrowth and majestic trees
filters the crashing of waves
along with the glorious sent of fresh sea air

Clinging On The Edge
hugging tight to the cliff's edge
where land meets sea

Standing Gard
holding the front
protecting all the lies behind
meeting all that is to come

The Edge
Where land and sea do battle
land standing rugged and strong
sea crashing advancing
and retracting everyday

Escaping the Forest Embrace
dirt and undergrowth
give way to beach

Remnants And Nature
mother nature in all her glory
Slowly reclaiming all that is
and once was rightfully hers
as mans once great creations
fade like the evening sun

 What Once Was
What once brought life
to a great tree
now lies like twisted snakes
beaten and bleached
turned into
a beautiful spectacle
of another kind

Thank you dear readers for fallowing me and I hope that you got some enjoyment your of these photos.


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