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In The Kitchen WIth A North West View

So I thought that I would share a recipe that I invented in part one morning while making a breakfast omelet and turned into a really tasty dinner, it may sound a little odd but trust me it is good, after all my brother who is one of the finicky eaters I know actually liked it too, so I'm sure it will be a hit with others.

 feel free to adjust this to any size that you want to.  As it stands this recipe makes enough for a typical American family of 4 (in this case 4 adults) with leftovers for another day.  So lets start with what you will need to make this recipe.
1lb ground chicken breast (turkey or even lean ground beef will work just as well)
1 jar thick and chunky salsa (not to hot I used mild)
1 large tomato (I like organic slicing, but any will do)
1 small/medium onion (I used yellow)
1-2 small dessert spoons of minced garlic (or to taste)
splash of olive oil
salt (to taste)
Fresh ground Pepper (to taste)
Sweet basil (not fresh, but the shaker bottle kind) to taste
Dill weed (again shaker bottle kind) to taste
1 box whole wheat corkscrew pasta (or what ever similar type you prefer)

Start by precooking the ground chicken breast in a frying pan, adding in in a couple grinds of sea salt (or a pinch of regular table salt) as well as some freshly ground pepper and a little sweet basil and dill.  brake up the ground chicken as it cooks into small bits (think taco filling or sloppy Joe size bits) cook the ground chicken breast until it cooked all the way threw, drain off any fat that has accumulated in the pan and set aside.

Next chop up the tomato into nice bite sized pieces (again think taco sized pieces) also peel and then dice the onion. (and mince garlic if not using pre minced)

Then on medium high to high heat add a dash of olive oil to the large skittle (or walk) then add diced onions keep moving with large square wooden "spoon" once they start to soften a little add in the minced garlic and the tomatoes, keep moving ingredients around regular.  While string add a dash of salt some fresh ground pepper (to taste) and add sweet basil and dill weed as well don't be afraid to add what seems to be on the heavy end of the seasoning scale. keep stirring until onions are thoroughly caramelized, then add in the already cooked ground chicken beast, and mix in with other ingredients.

next add a dash of salt to the water to boil the past in then fallow directions on the package of pasta on how to properly cook it to aldenta. 

while the water comes to a boil, and after the precooked ground chicken breast has once again been heated up, start adding in the jar of salsa.  Mix throughly, once mixed add in lots of sweet basil and dill weed, as well as more freshly ground pepper.  Let simmer allowing most of the liquid to steam off, checking task periodically and seasoning to taste.

Don't forget the pasta and once it is done drain it, and rinse in cool running water to stop the cooking process.

Once a majority of the liquid in the skillet has simmered off, add pasta back into the pot that it was cooked in, then add the contents of the skillet to the pasta pot as well and thoroughly combined pasta and meat/sauce.  Once it is combined it is ready to serve and enjoy.

I personally recommended serving it with some fresh baked french bread, Pillsbury French bread works quite well. (hey I it's not like I'm Martha Stewart and I need to take some short cuts) as well as some nice steamed vegetables (frozen work quite well) and a beer (for the chief and adults only lol) and  you have a complete meal that all will enjoy!


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