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I'm Back, And I'm Political!

Welcome my dear readers, it has been way to long since in have posted a blog entry, but in part this is a good sign in disguise, this is because in part I have been busy with work, but also because I have been busy finally getting my life back in order from my last bought of depression.  As part of that I have been working almost weekly with my physiatrist on discovering issues that I have, leaning ways for me to become more aware of the things that I think and start to examine why I think those things and to evaluate if those ways of thinking are helping me or hurting me.  I am just starting down what is clearly going to be a long and not necessarily easy path towards the goal of creating a more balanced and thus healthier me.  As part of that I have also been working on decluttering my life, going threw my stuff and clearing out the clutter that has accumulated in my room and all my little storage spots.  This has though taken up quite a chunk of my time, and my attention unfortunately to the detriment of other areas. 

Along with this renewal and getting onto the path towards living a life that I want to live, I have once again started to begin fallowing many of the blogs YouTube channels and political shows that I have fallowed in the past, how ever I have found that I have not stayed static in my views on things, but that in-fact my views have moved to be even more progressive then they had been in the past, which in part I attribute to some deeper understanding of issues, wanting to see a fairer country and world.  The other thing that I attribute it to is the fact that I am much firmer now in my values of right and wrong and my personal understanding of what Jesus tried to teach, and that much of what conservatives and the religious right stand for is in total opposition to what a would based on the teachings of Jesus would look like, which is a total shame.

Along this lines I find my self increasingly fed up with the GOP and their not even veiled attempts to throw the middle class and especially the poor under the bus, and to sacrifice them to protect, no the super wealthy and wealthy corporations, not only that but their increasingly glaring total lack of respect or even caring for this country and lack of true loyalty to it but instead to mega corporations who don't give a damn about this country.  Not only are they doing every thing they can to insure that the economy dose not recover adding further insult to injury not only to the unemployed who want to work but to those with jobs to because the bad economy and utter surplus of desperate workers allows companies to drive down wages drive up work load because those working in their logic should be thankful to be treated like minions and trash instead of being out of work.  Not only that but the GOP insist that as a country we can' can't can't. We can't create great public works like we have in the past, the very sorts of things that make this country great and helped drive it to be one of the most prosperous in the world but instead have to stand by and watch as the rest of the world dose so.  That we can't even fix the great public works that we have, out great highways, bridges and dams, the very structures and networks that allowed us to become and economic power house rivaled by no other.  all because to do so would A increase employment and thus stimulate the economy in one of the most effective ways by putting Americans back to work and putting money into the economy to be spent and thus creating demand that will ultimately drive the private sector to one again higher.  But also because to do so would require the closure of massively unjust loopholes enjoyed by the most profitable companies and some of the nation's wealthiest, because to do so would require going back to at least Clinton era tax rates on the supper wealthy which until bush where some of the lowest rates, even lower then when Reagan was in office (heck even Regen the Republicans often brought up wet dream would be to much of a "socialist, terrorist, commie" for them if he where to sprig back to life today)  I'm tired of hearing that in the "new America" this is no room for the greatness that once was, the great public works of the 30's and 40's the great interstate system and public works of the 50-70's the great space race of the 50's and 60's and the many great scientific discoveries that it foisted. 

Then there is the appallingly horrific undercurrent of the utter lie that America has always been and should return to a country where every one was solely out for them selves and that they should not and don't give a damn about any one else.  This is painfully clearly illustrated in the tea party and especially in the recent republican presidential debates where in one the crowed cheered over the fact that Rick Parry as governor of Texas has executed more people then any other governor in history and that there are many questions about the innocence of those executed!! The fact that the crowed did not care that some of those executed quite literally where, and very possibly could be innocent of the crimes for which they where put to death is disturbing.  Then there was the CNN tea party debate where the audience activity shouted that those with out health insurance should die if because of the lack of insurance they can't afford treatment to save their lives, Something so callous and horrifying one has to wounder how they can sleep at night, if they even have any humanity left at all or if in fact they have sacrificed their humanity on the altar of total and absolute self interest, where the vale of any other human-being is worth nothing unless it is they them selves.  This not only fly almost directly in the face of the values that America has stood for and the values that have united us as a country, but also even more significantly flies directly against the values and morals of Christ him self.  Yet surprisingly the vast majority of the tea party self identifies (no matter what the party actually says) as christan conservativs, how one can consider them selves christan and have such disregard for others, have such levels of callusness for others, have such disggust for the poor and less well off that they feel they should die becasue they are not lucky enough to have health insurance or the funds to aford buying health insurance on their own when they are not able to get it threw an employer.  It is scarry to think that there is a posablity that people whos values are so warped could actuly wind up haveing canadits that also share their warped views runing this country! 
Until next time dear readers I hope that you have a good day and stay safe and happy.


  1. Nice to see you back and fired up! Now if I could find a little of that fire :p

  2. I am definitely fired up, and it actually feels really good :)


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