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Writing a good Letter is hard.

So after rereading the last letter I posted for the umpteenth time, and also restudying the "proper" way to write Congressional representatives for the umpteenth time again as well, I finally decide that I was not quite happy with that letter, which I still had not mailed yet, and that instead it was time to start over again make another attempt at writing House Majority Leader John Boehner another letter.  Which I did, so after the jump is my letter to John Boehner version 2.0.
Dear Representative John Boehner

I would like you to not only reconsider your current stance on defending The Defiance Of Marriage act otherwise known as DOMA, with the intention of not only having you not defend this nationally shameful act in the courts but using the power of your position to repeal DOMA and remove it once and for all, relegating it to the pages of history along with many other equally shameful laws that we as country have seen fit to undo in order to live out not only the great promises of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness but one of the most important equality for all under the law.

It was as a teenager during my high school years that I fully realized that in this country which I have always been so immensely proud of and had so much pride to be a citizen of, a country that promised every citizen the right to live their lives freely and to pursue their own path towards happiness, all with equality under the law no matter what, that in this great country I was not allowed to pursue my own path to happiness because I was forbidden to marry. That in this great country I could not fall and love with and the legally marry the man that not only do I want to grow old and spend the rest of my life with but that I want to raise a family with.

I am disappointed that as it stands now in order for me to be equal to my parents and my brother, and the rest of my family, who all want me to be fully equal to them and have the same full rights to marriage that you know still seek to keep from me, that in order to have those rights I will need to leave this country. That I will have to leave my home town which has and continues to make it to the top of list of best cities to live in, in the county, I will have to leave my friends, my family, my job that I have healed since I graduated HS in 2006, where I have worked hard and created may friendships as well. Yet I can see firsthand how marriage equality will not and does not harm anyone let alone a nation.

Being just a scant 25 miles from Canada, I would be lying if I said the thought of simply packing up my life and moving there where I the eyes of their country I would no longer be the second-class citizen that I am at home, instead I would have the full marital rights, something that the province of BC has had since 2003 and Canada as a whole have had since 2005. My friends who do live there find it totally incomprehensible how I can be a second class citizen in my own country especially when as a country we are constantly beating on the drum of equality. It hurts my heart to know that I am so close to a place of equality yet for me to get it, it I might have to give up my own family, friends and country.

I feel that it is a shame of the highest degree that as a nation we are not leading by example when it comes to marriage equality for all Gay Bisexual and Transgendered citizens, instead we stand not on the sidelines while an increasing number of nations pass us by, we actively fight to push against the flow of equality, when instead we should be blazing the trail for others to fallow. I should not have to be considering leaving my country, a country that is supposed to be one of the greatest not only on earth but in history, to gain the rights and equality that are promised by the ideals on which our founding fathers founded this country. This is why I ask you to not only do as President Obama has and refrain from defending DOMA in the courts but to take an even bolder step and over turn this law of inequality, allowing all Gay Bisexual and Transgendered citizens to marry, allowing me the same rights as my family and to share that beautiful occasion when it comes with them, in my own home town, in my own country.

So now is the time where I ask for your help and feedback on this, before I finally send it off in the mail with the hopes that Boehner actually sees and and at least considers what I am trying to get across to him.  Also before I do a youtube video of me reading the letter.  I think that it is important that we not only presser our elected officials but that we also attempt to put a human face on the issues so that they can hopefully see the efects that their stances are haveing on their fellow citizens.


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