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Stressed, Worried, and Anxious, The Triple Threat

Like the title says I am currently very stressed worried and anxious, to the extreme and for a number of compounding reasons, in which timing is not the best at all.  First off I am not a great waiter and I tend to get inpatient and then anxious worried and panicky when I have to wait, especially when I am left waiting with out much if any control and nothing I can do to make things necessarily come out the way that I want them to come out.

So it dose not help that right now I am in that sort of situation when it comes to two distinctly different things and that both things in and of them selves can be, would be and are normally very stressful things to begin with.  For one thing I'm in the middle of buying a condo, and am stuck waiting for the bank that owns it to send back all the papers with their signature on them so that I can officially be under contract and get the rest of the process moving and under way, so that the deal can close in time to meet the dead line of April 18th(the "bargaining" on the price is already taken care of) and that should hopefully be happening in the next couple of days,  Well of course I'm also worried about the challenges that owning my own place will bring, as obviously I have never done so before and I don't care how much I think I know I never feel that I will know 100% of what I will need to and that there will be surprised. I know I can do it financially and that I will be fine but I am still stressed and worried about the financial aspect once I move in and have the mortgage and all the other bills to pay.  I am stressed at the same time about the prospect of renting a spare room out and having a roommate who is someone that I used to work with, and having to come up with a fair price to charge and fair and agreeable ground rules for being able to share the place.  I am also stressed about being able to get all that needs to be done to get this thing to closing in time to meet the closing date too.  however this is not the stress that I'm having particular trouble with as I have managed to keep it to minimum.

What it is compounding and making worse as I know that my main stresser right now is totally messing my ability to concentrate and think and act clearly quickly and appropriately to what needs to be done with the home buying process, is that I'm very worried about the safety of a very good friend of mine and am anxiously waiting to hear from them so that I can know for sure that they are OK, and so far I have not heard from them at all.  I'm stressed and anxious because I have been trying to get a hold of them threw email and facebook since Friday, and as of yet have not heard from them, and I don't really have any other way of getting in touch.  so I am stuck waiting with absolutely no control over the situation hoping that I hear something from them soon so that I know that they are OK.


  1. its hard to worry about someone that you cant just make a call to and see how they are doing. ive had several blogger buddies that just dropped off the face of the earth, and two of those were rather suicidal.... but there is no way of knowing if they are alive or not.

    glad to hear you took the plunge to buy a condo. i think you will relax about it soon enough. i think it would be a good thing to write out what duties and rights you and your renter are comfortable with, and then both sign it, and each have a dated copy. that way, if you do need it, you have it.

  2. I am worried and anxious to hear from my friend to hear that she is OK after the quake.


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