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No Hope For Salvaging Anything.

Well Sunday he text-ed me to see if I was willing to talk on the past Monday, well of course I said yes in the hopes that I could get some answers try to fix things between us.
  Unfortunately I still don't have any real answers that make any since to me, only more hurt in the process.  I was only left feeling empty and feeling hopeless at not being able to stop him from leaving me to.

I simply don't get why, it still makes no since that some one could suddenly decided in less then three days that they no longer love some one else.  Yet that is basically what I have been told, that in that period of time he decided that he no longer loved me, and that I was to plain boring vianella and that I could not work out or be loved as a partner in part because of it, not to mention that I was too kind and caring and sweet and gentle.  I simply don't understand anything other then the fact that he wants it over and for me it hurts like hell, even though I try very hard not to show it to those around me just how much it hurts.  Honestly if I had my way I would never get out of bed again.  That's all for now folks thanks for fallowing and all the usual stuff that I say.


  1. Oh! Im so sorry to hear that he so cruelly dumped you! It almost sounds as if he was listening to the buzzing of others voices telling him he could do if!

    Its hard to know what lurks in someones heart, what their true motives are. It could be several of the things you spoke about in your last post. the speed that things were moving, all the super stresses he's going thru at the moment, etc.

    What I found interesting was the comment that your too vanilla, and that you are too kind, caring and sweet and gentle........ Could he be looking for a more dominate partner? Some one rougher, more take charge.......more of an bdsm relationship?

    All i know if he doesn't want you? There are other men out there who will! Heal your heart and keep it open to love.


  2. I don't know what he wants, just that I was not exciting enough but simply that I was the opposite of his last Serious Boyfriend who was no only a Runaway but Trans and into lots of illegal things. Apparently I filled the need to try for some one sweet and caring until he up and came to the conclusion he could not love me. And from what he said it was a conclusion, he simply decided it was so and that was that.

    It just seems that I will never find the person that will see me for me and like and want me, but that instead I will always wind up being some ones rebound with the opposite of what their previous EX was to only be dumped when they decide that need has been filled. It hurts too, because I do love like I will not be hurt, and I open my self up emotionally and unfortunately become very emotionally attached to then have the rug pulled out from under me crashing.

  3. I wouldn't fall into that trap of only thinking your worthy of never getting love. And the only way to fall in love is with your eyes shut and your heart open.

  4. I am working one reminding my self of that, and it is getting better. I just need some time to mend as when I fall in love I fall hard. But things are getting better and only promise to keep doing so.


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