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Haveing My Boyfriend To Dinner This Sunday

Well it turns out that while I was trying to figure out how to ease Dad into the idea and test to waters mom decided to have a direct conversation with him.  Something I had not asked her to do, but being mom not something I'm shocked that she did seeing as part of her desire is to have my BF welcome at the house.  The end result was that dad is willing to have dinner and meet him, "because that's what it's going to take"  and that this Sunday is the day. 
So I'm excited about that but also well obviously nervous as I know it's going to be awkward and I do want them to at least like each other, not only that but it also gives mom some "grilling" time of her own to "get to know him better". 

I know this is probably going to be exceptionally awkward for dad, and that is something to an extent that I had wanted to avoid as much as possible, in part because I wanted to insure that the when this did happen it would not risk being unbeneficial to him in the process of acceptance.  However I also hope that it happening this way will help things as at times with Dad it takes having to some extent things spelled out and his hand forced to get him to take a step and to wind up ultimately more comfortable with a situation, and I really hope that this will allow him to see that I am happy in my life and that to the most part what he hoped for me is still within my reach and that I am not only striding toward that but towards what I want as well.  All of those things would be something he would not likely see if his comfort envelope was not pushed slightly to allow them to enter the frame.  So right now I am left holding my breath nervously in anticipation and awaiting the outcome.  As always thank you for fallowing along with me and also your comments and feed back are always appreciated and read. Until next time, which should be after the big meet when I will have news of how that went plus a further tidbit of already planed things to come the fallowing weekend. ;-)


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