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Well not the news that I was expecting to share with you, nor the day I was expecting to share any relationship news with you.   Well seeing as it's 12:11 pm as I am writing this I was apparently dumped yesterday, just before I started work.  This all came as a surprise as to the best of my knowledge things with our relationship where going well,
to the point that the last time I saw my BF in person was tuesday during my work shift when he told me he was looking forward to meeting dad on Sunday and that the fallowing Saturday he wanted to bring me down to Seattle me meet his family and friends. 

So today when he texted me that he wanted to talk, preferably in person, I was not overly worried I just that he had some bad news or was getting some cold feet about meeting my parents in depth and that we could just postpone it until he was comfortable.  Between that and knowing that we would not be able to talk in person till the next day (saturday) I told him to just tell me over text what he wanted to talk about.  I don't feel like going into detail of what he said nor that it is necessary or the right place to do so, but it turned out that he felt the relationship needed to be ended.   Which was something that as much as it pulled the rug out from under me and has left me feeling quite upset has him just as upset and hurt too.

I hope that the advice of a couple of my friends and mom is right and that after letting things settle down for a little while like a few days we will be able to talk about this and what is going on.  I am hoping that like my one friend thinks it is highly possible that my BF is not only feeling stressed about the speed at which our relationship is moving and meeting families but also that having just started up classes again he may just be overly stressed and the reaction to that was that the relationship must end.  The hope being that giving some time for things to cool and calm down with some talking we will be able to fix things back up and put them back on a slower moving track.  As I feel that there has to be and is more to what is behind this sudden change to what I have been told, especially being that we had not been fighting it's not like there was something to point to and say that's it that's why this is happening.   I don't know what to do till then as it hurts, I still love him and I don't understand why this is happening.  At that I will say till next time my readers, and as always thank you for fallowing and your comments are always appreciated read.


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