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Going From Vampire To Day Light Dweller!!

I have some great news to share!  For those of you that have been fallowing my blog you will know that for about the last half a year I have been stuck working grave yard shifts, well my days off working in the darkness are coming to an end! As of yesterday it was made totally official that I was official that I got an open closing position so I will now be going back to working the same closing shifts that I had been working before I moved onto grave yards. 

I am very happy about this as I have been wanting it since shortly after I got switched over onto graveyards so now that it has finally happened I'm very happy.  It's great because I will finally be getting back to a shift where I can sleep when my body wants to sleep!!  That now I will actually be awake during the day especially and most critically on my day off, which for me is a big step into getting back into being back into out and about in the world when I am not working so allowing me to do things I enjoy like photography, to hang out with friends, to who know possibly meet people, and to also even to like day trips on my day off or do "week end" trips on my days off to do things. 

All of this I seriously think will definitely help with my frustration with my life as it will make it more then well just work and home waiting to go to work, which is all that it is now with me working grave yards. I am eagerly waiting the week of the 27th (Our schedules start on Sundays) as that is the week that I start back onto closing shifts!  I will also get to interact with people as my job again which will be nice, a big bonus is that this time of year especially and with this sift you get a boat load of hot college guys in the store, so they eye is not left wanting.

As always thank you for fallowing, sorry about the long delay between post that should hopefully now be being improved big time too!,  Comments and feedback are always welcome too! :-)


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