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Gay Friendly Add Must Mean Al Qaeda Add On The Way!!

No surprise Bill O'Reilly, is once more sending his no spin zone spinning out of control, as he has taken up issue with a McDonald's add from France, that as part of their "come as you are series of adds" features a subtle gay "them" to it. as the add starts out with the teen sons sitting waiting for his father to get the food from the counter when his cell rings and he talks to one of his classmates as a couple would about how he looks good in the class pic and that he misses them. its not till the end you find out that the class is all boys. and then the tag line "come as you are".

Now Billy has taken issue with the for one thing because "gays only make up 10% of the population" so what dose it really matter to include us in any advertising efforts. Then there was the fact that after seeing that add nether him or his guest "felt hungry" or wanted to just run right on out and buy McDonald's right then. Not to mention his Guest who is an anchor on Fox finds it "a little confusing" and dose not understand what it says and sells. How ever the majority of the objection revolves around the fact that it not only is it a gay add but but that it is one that portrays it with out resorting to making the gay person the but of some sort of joke. Because after all those are the only kind of gay adds that will ever make it in Bill's America.

They seem to over look the whole point of the add which is simply the simple message of "come as you are"! It means just that you don't need to be a certain something or some one to go to a McDonald's, all you have to do is come as you are. But maybe the add was to saddle for them and it did not have enough in your face announcers cheesy over the top graphics and over acted, over clic, over stereotypes things in it to drive the point home for them.(and people wonder why the world thinks American adds TV and movies are designed for children and not adults) Yet for something that was so confusing they seemed to grasp the message well enough that it was a gay inclusive add and that it could easily be blown into something offensive on Homophobia News err Fox News that they spot on it and contacted McDonald's French advertising division to find out what was up with the add.

Then this is when we go off the deep end, as after reading that this is only the latest part of an series of adds or every day walks of life to say come in as you are, that when Bill suggest when is the Al Qaeda ad coming out. The message being now that you have done an add that tells gays to come in just as they are, that the next logical step is to tell terrorist to come in and blow the place up!?! Gee this makes me think that maybe we need more adds like this in this country, adds that will force Bill and his followers to examine what it really is that frightens them so much about the "gays", because no logical person upon seeing that add would a get so upset as to spend the time needed to produce a TV show segment to complain about it, let alone think that the next add is going to be a pro Al Qaeda one! That only comes from some one that needs to really ex amen why that are so scared of gays that an add that is friendly towards the gay community upsets them that much.

I also find it particularly interesting that McDonald's France would consider this add mundane enough and therefore one would assume non political enough to run, yet here in the us you mention almost anything gay and it's political. I could be wrong about this not being political as I don't live in France and I don't know that any one that dose, but generally most large multinationals don't do much in the way of "political" advertising. I wonder what I will take to change that in the US, because there should be no reason that such an add should be a political statement.

I personally think that the add is very nicely done, I like the fact that it is done subtly, instead of being screaming in your face, it comes off well and it treats the audience like intelligent adults. Pulse it leaves with a very warm cozy sort of feeling, which is always a bonce. I also don't see where the confusion comes in.

As always thank you for reading. Comments and questions are welcome! :-)


  1. I watched the commercial, and thought it was both sweet and sad. You are correct, it's acted with a great deal of talent and the directing was subtle. Quite a change from their over the top advertising here.

    I dont understand why anything dealing this lgbt is considered political either. And why the add would be more "appetizing" and would make them hunger if it wasn't featuring a gay theme? The boy isn't making out with his bf, is the idea of lgbt people being in love that repugnant? I can't even imagine what they would do if there had a been something so dramatic as the boys holding hands! Gasp!!!

    But to equate us with al qaeda, is just so very very very wrong! Talk about inflammatory language! I felt it was bordering on hate speech. People need to get a grip on reality and realize that they have no place in other peoples bedrooms unless they have been invited. And I know I haven't invited them in of late, how about you? So we are different than, they just need to grow up and stop pointing out the obvious.

    How does "allowing" us to get married, change our birth certificate and other important papers honestly infringe upon them and and their lifestyle? I sure as hell can't see it! If your marriage is in such bad shape that it could crumble due to lgbt getting married, then you really didn't have much of a marriage to begin with, yeah?

    Wonderful post! thanks!

  2. Last time I checked I had not invited them into my bedroom on those once in a blue moon events! I will go a step further then wondering about how bad their marriage could be, I personally would love to meet the straight couple whose marriage dissolved because LGBT couples where allowed to Wed in their state, just so I could meet the married couple with arguably the worst marrige in the country!! And thanks for the complent. :-)

  3. You are right about the French not seeing this ad as political, homosexuality isn't a part of politics here (UK) or most western European states like it is in the USA.

    And they aren't just going for the 10% gay customers. They are going for the 70% of people who support gay rights and associate them with a nice walk welcoming environment. That anchor doesn't understand that gayness can have connotations of "accepting" and "welcoming".


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