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Thoughts, Music & The Inner Reaches Of The Mind

Today I am going to take a brake from some of the more political and deep social topics and instead just talk do a little bit about me and just some of the things that have been on my mind lately. So as the title implies this post will have some songs thrown in with it as well that I think will help set the mood, plus let me share some of my favorite songs with you all.  So join me after the jump!

 on of the first things is that I am getting increasingly restless and displeased with my life as it is and as it is going.  Which is probably not to surprising as It is a I do work a shift at work that I just really don't like and that is genuinely very hard on my body physically and mentally.  It really dose bring out the desire in me to want to just quite my job and drop every thing which admittedly is not much (as I have been stuck living at home) and just travel, to see some of those place around the world that I want to see. 

I know that this is also inter twined into this feeling of being trapped, trapped not only in a job I no longer like, but also trapped indefinitely by that same job it seems (and its internet income uncertainties) in a living situation where I'm stuck in an semi nonindependent pre-adulthood sort of situation. This in large part seems to be brought on by the fact that I have not been able to afford to move out form home and of course while living at home I still get treated for the most part like I am still a child the same as I was when I was in HS.  Which but to my displeasure as I had much planed and hoped to be out of the house by now I'm 22, 23 in June.  about the only thing that's changed is there is no curfew and they still like to know if I'm going out and have an idea of where I will be, and If I'm going out of townish to call when I get there and check in, even if I'm going for a date!!  I so strongly desire to just get out on my own and to be able to do my own thing even if that means screwing up, I don't want to screw up but if I have to, I would be willing to!  Not to mention if I ever start dating and want to have a guy "over" it would be nice to be able to do that.

Then of course there are times I wonder if this is going to wind up being what happens with me!

As always thank you for listening and reading, and comments are always welcome :-)



  1. You are right. You do need to get out on your own and be a full fledged adult. Some parents can cut the strings and no longer act as a parent to their grown children, its tough and not many can pull it off.

    It does sound like a job change is in order, so start polishing up that resume, and then get out there and work it. You might also think about putting your resume on Our son got a job thru there, so maybe you to as well.

  2. the risk is that work looks at monster too, so they could see if I post a resume there. That and I don't really have much to put on one other then I'm a HS grad worked at the same company which was my first job for almost 4 years now (will be 4 in august) for about a year I was a department lead before I stepped down (scheduling issues, and to make way for someone on fast track to management who has now steeped down from that)

    The lack of a higher education and the very limited work experience, even though it is 4 years at one place with great job reviews (not that work would confirm anything other then some works or worked for them) seems to be limited in this job market, and to not be sinking up with the job opening there are (at least with an income that would some what equal out, as it dose no good to get a new job and me right back to again being super cash poor again.)


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