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What To Do To Make Things Better?

Today I am going to talk about  current state of impasse and indecision about what to do when it comes to trying to deal with the problems that I am having.  I know that things emotionally and mood (stability) wise are very much not getting better and have hit an impasse and slipped, especially since I had to cut one of my medications in half do to side effects. (migraine style headache and loss of since of balance)  I also know that I seem to be ever more frustrated, angry and agitated too.

Unfortunately nothing seems to be working at the moment and I really don't know what to do, as I don't really think that I am up to making the options that I have actually work.  As the main option that is being pushed the hardest, other then trying to find the right medication/combination of medications is that of therapy to help me some how I don't know dissect this thing to an extent and deal with it, but that is an option that I really don't feel that I can do or an up to.  I really don't feel at all remotely comfortable sharing face to face with some stranger the sort of personal information that would be needed in order to actually hopefully maybe possibly get something out of it. Even though I can share here I know strange, but its some how so very different than face to face with some strange person. 

I feel that there is very little hope that much is going to change for the better, and I also would like to basically give up on the medication side of things too.  I really don't have much faith in them any more, not to mention that I am tired of side effects and would like to be able to go back to not having any and to being able to have a drink if I wanted to instead of not being able to at all.   How ever I also know that quiting trying to do anything with medication is not going to make anything better, and that  especially given my current work schedule it only risk things very badly, but I so just want to just stop it with them, and stop with the experience.

Then there is the fact that my body is so very at odds with my work schedule as to be almost "toxic" and given the well givens of what my "issue" is my work shift is the most "toxic" shift I could be working.  My body wants to be on pretty much the total opist sleep wake sculled as that from which I work, this I know creates a lot of issues that only make things that much more worse.  Now how ever this is where we throw in the great catch 22, I am for in reality for all intensive purposes stuck on this shift, and even if I could get off of it in doing so I would lose the amount of hours needed to qualify for insurance to actually help me treat and deal with my issue.  Yet to get enough hours to maintain insurance coverage I am stuck on the sift that is so utterly "toxic" for the "issue" that it so clearly forced to the surface to the point that it finally got picked up on and well not worked on being treated. Then I know there is stress, which comes from all of these sources.  The stress that probably is not helped by the fact that I have not taken a vacation since 2007.

At this point I realy don't know what to do, I keep trying to wrap my head around the situation but it seems that no matter what way I try to it just dose not work.  I just can't seem to find a right path or at least on that dose not creat some sort of giant cascadeing problem in another area that threatens to undo other things and thus only make everything else worse in the long run too. 

As always thank you for reading, and comments and feed back are always walcome. :-)


  1. Have you looked into Americans with Disabilities? Some mental issues are covered. Also if you can be rated as disabled they would have to accommodate your needs at work. This is not the optional way to go, but I think you are up against a wall and need some help getting things straightened out.

    As to opening up with a total stranger....well I totally agree with you. The entire concept of giving up control to a stranger to judge you, and your thoughts and actions is skin crawly. But I think you have hit the point of the game where you really need to at least attempt to open up and seek some help. Maybe you could explain your trust issues and start small with them. Also, I think it would be helpful if you choose a therapist on the gender/sex you get along with best, that you feel most comfortable and could have a better chance of "letting down" with. For me that would 100% be a male. But that is just me.

    Medications are a pain in the ass. However if your therapist is willing to work with types, and dosages to alleviate your symptoms with the lowest amount of side effects, this is usually doable. This will take a while to achieve, so you will have to be patient and allow them to muck about to find your perfect meds and dosages.

    If you chat, feel free to add me, my chat addy is on my blog. Good luck, I'm rooting for you!


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