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Queerty at it again!

So once again Queerty has goon digging threw YouTube to find a gay created, contented and targeted video, this time with the very distinct purpose of starting a reader bashing campaign against the creators of the video.  The intent of this is clear from the little tab name over the top of the story image on the main sight page entitled "Flame On" to the fact that they talk inertly about the controversy of the last informant untruer they tired to "help out" who got bashed and brutally insulted by readers.

The sight then went on to give some starting material to begin a bashing session with for their new victims. Their New Victims are YouTube's gadgetfreak84.(whom I do subscribe to) The video that queerty posted to be bashed is part of a series of videos that the couple has put out, called Ask a Gay Couple, where people ask them different questions about them selves and about their relationship. These questions come from all sorts of people, gay, straight, men, women, and so on.  The point of the serious is to provide a glimpse into their relationship as a "normal" "non flamboyant" "non stereotypical" gay couple.  The point of their videos is to provide a look at a gay couple that is not the kind you often get to see portrayed on T.V., in the movies, or even for that matter on YouTube.

Queerty started the bashing war over the couples desire to help to fight the gay stereotypes that are most often portrayed on TV and in the movies.  Where instead of just being your ordinary everyday Joe's gay couples (and gay men for that matter) still when they are shown tend to be portrayed in much simpler ways then their straight counter parts on the shows. (desperate housewives being a great example with, brothers and sisters at the other end of the complexity scale) Gay men on TV and in movies also mostly tend to be portrayed as extremely "flamboyant" "queeny" and "extremal effeminate" almost the point of being more womanly then a women charm school teacher, and way over the top just about all of the time.  So they set out to show that in fact there where gay people and gay couples that did not fit those stereotypes and that infect very few gay people actually do.  And in the process they have actually found quite a gay fallowing on YouTube.

Yet again Queerty and its commenter's seem to have gotten vastly more caught up in the the petty ness of labels and assuming that they are some how hating, then that like many in the gay community the labels and stereotypes that others try to hoist upon us don't fit, so because they don't fit we use terms to indicate that those labels do not fit US.  From my perspective I would say I'm pretty much your average Joe, if I was to be going about my aronds, or going about doing my job etc very few people unless they have a good "gaydar" would guess I'm gay.  Yet if one describes them selves as non flamboyant or such a way that would indicate exactly that they then get bashed by angry legions of gay men popping out of the wood work.

From my perspective it would seem almost as if that these guys are attacking others not because they are truly mad at the person for the words they used to describe them selves but because to an extent some, of these people in the such for what it means to be out and gay they have thrown them selves into the stereotypes.  So when one comes along and says well I am don't act like the stereotype I act like average Joe blow, that then becomes a threat social (don't know if that the right word) identity of a lot of the people that are the most vocal basheres.  I almost see it the same as those that tent to bash the gay community the most are also the ones that tend to have the most "gay demons" int heir own closet, the ones that bash some one else by belittling them, telling them they hate them selves they look horrible etc because of how they describe where they sort of fit into a label that's different from them.

Personally I don't see why others care so much what someone chooses to label themselves as, it dose not truly affect their life if they chose to label them selves are Straight Acting Non Flamboyant Non Stereotypical etc all that matters is that they are comfortable with who they are.  One would think that as a community with so much trash being hurled our way from outside would could resist the urge to hurl more at other members from the inside as well I hope that this post has not been to long.


  1. because queerty loves to get the clicks...

  2. I think that's it. I personally just detest labels, mostly because I don't feel any fit me, and it makes me extremely uncomfortable when people (especially gay people) try to put them on me.


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